FAQs on Lifetime to Subscription switch introduced in March 2016

March 2015, we moved to a subscription model. This article addresses some Frequently Asked Questions about our changes.

I’m a lifetime user. How do changes affect me?

If you are a current lifetime user and happy with your lifetime licenses, nothing changes. Your existing license and a renewal price will remain the same.

Can I upgrade my lifetime license rather than switching to the subscription plans?

Yes, you may just purchase a 12-month renewal. Your license will be entitled to a Verifika version released one year from the last renewal expiration date.

If you choose to upgrade from standard to floating license or upgrade from Freelance to LSP license, you need to shift to our subscription plans.

When I come up for renewal, will I be able to keep my lifetime?


Is there a benefit to purchase a subscription?

If you’d like to upgrade to more features and functionality of your Verifika license, then you may want to consider switching to a subscription plans.

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